What We Do

No matter how many candidates, if they all have the wrong profile, you are wasting your time.

Based on this observation we developed FreelanceSolution.com.

FreelanceSolution.com is where project leaders can find experienced consultants for an advisory mission or interim management.

Only consultants with the required skills and experience can apply for a mission - guaranteeing not only time savings in the selection process but also a better quality of service.

FreelanceSolution provides project leaders and consultants the collaborative tools required to start, track and carry out projects on time, to prepare estimates and billing, and provide secure payment - without interfering in the relationship between the consultant and project leader.

FreelanceSolution is not only a mere tool; it is also a management team who thoroughly validates each consultant's profile with an interview before going on line. The best candidate profiles are pre-selected.

Likewise, FreelanceSolution only retains projects that require in-depth talent and skills.

If you are looking for management & business consultants or interim managers in:

     • General Management - Strategy,

     • Sales-Marketing-Customer Relations

     • Finance & Accounting,

     • Human Resources, Social, Legal,

     • IT, Internet,

     • Change Management, and Project Management,

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